Teen Angst
I'm Abby, 19, Washington ~
I like marijuana, music, and stuff.
Anonymous: Oh nevermind I guess he didn't.

Hahaha okay then

Anonymous: Kyrin killed himself..

This is immature can we like stop

Anonymous: Kyrins going to kill himself

I don’t even talk to him anymore.

Anonymous: You aree insanely attractive my dear. Why do you not grace us with your nakedness anymore?

No no no

Sup chulo
Anonymous: Wow that eating disorder looks good on you

Awe thanks boo

Anonymous: Haha


Anonymous: Lol

Who are you

Anonymous: Are you in town now?


Anonymous: Such body So beauty wow


Anonymous: Everytime I go to get my haircut I ask them to do it the way you did. But nope. They fuck it up. Everytime.

Welllll text me and I can cut your hair while I’m in town! :) your hair misses me As much as u do!

Blacked out I got so wastey last night

In Yakima. Yay 🌴🌛